Hey y’all

Man this has been a good week.  We have done work.  Investigators are falling into our lap and we are working our heads off.  It has been awesome to see the miracles happening.  We have one family inches from baptism and due to some exchanges we had with the APs we have now found two other families that have a lot of promise.  We are going to work our hardest and hopefully by the end of next transfer we will be looking at quite a few baptisms.  Some of these people are literally just waiting for some outside circumstances to settle down before they get baptized.  It is amazing to see their faith as they keep fighting.

This week has been crazy with exchanges happening and so much stuff always going on to be honest I knock out every night when I hit the pillow and I love it.  I feel like we are getting a lot done here and elder white is a blessing.   I am learning so much from him.  No real crazy stories have happened just a lot of guidance to where we need to go.  We have definitely found some interesting people most of which consisted of borrachos and all that kind of good stuff.  There is something I have learned about the mission and that is that knocking doors is definitely what adds a lot of the fun to the mission.  You never know what the heck you are going to get when someone opens the door.

I have learned a lot and grown a lot.  I definitely don’t feel like the same guy that got shipped off to Mexico.  There is nowhere I would rather be than where I am.  I know the lord wants me here in Texas and that although we can’t always see the fruits of our labor it is always there.  No effort is wasted and the lord knows exactly where you need to be.  This transfer has honestly been my favorite so far.  It has been amazing.

Well that’s about it

Todavía no he escrito nada en español y siento como tengo que hacerlo eventualmente entonces.  A todos ustedes les quiero y Dios les bendiga con todo que necesitan.

Y cuando regreso y hablo como un mejicano nadie me puede juzgar porque yo sé que español es la idioma de los cielos y los mejicanos lo hablan mejor que cualquier otro hispanos.

Elder Huggins

We are so classy

We are so classy




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