Well, you all know the normal weeks of missionary life, when you are on exchanges because both you and the DL’s companion are sick, so you are just laying in bed trying to rest when suddenly the phone rings and says AP’s. So you panic a bit, ok a lot, and pick up the phone. Then they tell you that YOUR GREENIE IS GETTING EMERGENCY TRANSFERED!!!! THEY TOOK MY KID AWAY FROM ME!!!! Just for five days 🙂
So I am currently with Elder Miler. He is SUPER TALL, like SUPER SUPER TALL! And man is he funny! I haven’t laughed this much in a while! We have been working hard, but we have to be carful. He is here for five days because he has been super sick and he can’t do anything exhausting (like biking) for find days. Even walking for too long can make him tired. But we have been doing great and he is super upbeat and positive 🙂
Also! We had a baptism! Camila the 9 year old girl was baptized! The baptism went great! The only time when I was worried was when we were about 30 minutes before the baptism and I realized “Oh! She needs a white dress!” We scrambled the jets and quickly found her a dress. The talks were amazing, we even watched a small movie of when Christ was baptized. The mom cried, and then cried some more. And the Father (who isn’t a member) felt the spirit a ton!
But you know other than that it has been a normal week haha!
So, my commitment for all of you this week is… to….. Do a doorbell ditch and leave something nice for a family in your neighborhood 🙂 Make someone smile with candy, cookies, homemade bread, stuff for babies, or whatever 🙂
Thanks for everything!
I will be sending pictures of the baptism next week. Elder Williams got the pictures and he is coming back on Tuesday.

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