Hey y’all

This transfer is flying by.  It’s been crazy we only have two weeks left.  This week has been crazy.   One family the Parga’s they are
progressing amazingly.  The four of them have a baptismal date on the 26th.  We are so excited.  They are the coolest people ever.  They already have told us that they know the gospel and he Book of Mormon are true.  Other than them we found another really cool kid who is super interested in learning more.  Honestly it has just been making me laugh so hard.  We work as hard as we can and just go go go and we don’t get much and hen out of nowhere that Sunday or during that week some random call comes in with a golden investigator.  It has been cool, to see.  The lord is definitely working in this area.  It has been a blessing to have the chance to be here.  My companion is a powerhouse and I am learning so much everyday.

We had a couple run ins with more fun people.  I have learned that tracting is the spice of missionary life.  We had some lady get on our case about handing out cards with a white Jesus.  She insisted he was black and said something about how it says feet like fine brass. My question was who cares?  I know he is the savior of all man kind.  The only man to live a perfect life so that we could follow a perfect example.  The one who suffered and died for us because of his matchless love.  Anyway.  Other than that we have met just some really amazing people.  I love Texas.  Southern hospitality really is a thing.  The other cool thing is that Texas is a total mixing pot. There is a little of everything here.  We talked to some Turks a couple people from Nigeria some from Argentina.

I don’t know I am just enjoying myself to much out here.  I hit the pillow dead tired at night and it’s the best feeling ever.  I did get the package which was awesome.  That was super cool.

I will be getting more pictures out elder white and I have vowed to take more. So next week there will be some.

Love y’all

Hope you’re having a blast

Elder Huggins

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