So, this week…. It’s been a week haha! To be honest I really don’t know what has happened a lot. OH!!! I got Elder Williams back so that has been awesome! It feel so good to be working again with my actual companion! Elder Miller was good but a trainers godda’ train haha! Training has really been quite a growing experience for me. It has made me push harder and it has forged me a bunch. I know that when the Lord sees fit he will bless us. Just like the other Elder Huggins said in his area. How you will work all day, not find anyone, and then POOF 10 golden investigators show up the next day. I have really grown my testimony that sometimes God want’s to forge us and sometimes he wants us to rejoice. And the important part is that you never loose faith or hope and you work HARD EVERY DAY!!! And just talk to as many people as possible!

On sunday we found a family of 4 that looks promising though! I really hope they accept the spirit that I know that they are feeling.

I had a crazy experience with a In-Active member who got baptized for the wrong reasons. We went to his house and he sadly says that he does not believe in God anymore. He claimed that he got the “Truth” from the internet and that God “Can’t” exist. Elder Williams and I testified and the sprit was super strong, and he froze, completely froze. After a few seconds he again denied the feelings that we know he felt. This experience really taught me how there are people who know that God is there, but simply want to live their lives, or they are mad at God, so they chose to “not” believe in him. But deep down they know he is there. And there is hope for them. I know someone out here on the mission that was in that spot about 2 years ago. And now he is on a mission. And it shows me that there really is hope for those people.Well, I don’t know why I shared that, but anyways!
I’ll keep working hard, and God will bless us 🙂

AND! My commitment is!!! Say one more prayer than you usually do every day 🙂

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