Hey y’all

Man once again we are at the last week of transfers. Luckily since I have only been here for one transfer I am more than likely going to stay. I really don’t want to leave Grand Prairie. We are seeing so many amazing miracles here. This place is exploding we have another two people that have dates to be baptized along with the Parga family who is still set up for next Sunday. They are so ready. It is super cool to see there desire to live the gospel. They just need to make sure that they come to church this Sunday and they will be good to go. This week has been a bunch if craziness. It has been amazing how busy it’s been. This transfer has flown by scarily fast. Each transfer seems to go a little faster than the last which almost scares me. Time needs to slow down a little so I can keep enjoying his. It has been an awesome experience. I have met so many awesome people.

Nothing really crazy happened this week other than one less active family we met. We were just knocking through some doors trying to meet a family on a list we had. And when we knocked on the door an eruption of barks echoed from inside. The man opened the door and invited us in. The barking had come from no less than 12 chihuahuas it was crazy. There were so many dogs in that house (Andrea you would’ve loved it). The noise was crazy. The family was super nice but they were definitely an interesting couple. They were world of Warcraft players and had a collection of over 8000 movies. We will see them this Saturday as well. Oh and they own a pet squirrel

Just another week in Texas. We are still working hard and having so much fun.

Yes I did get the package and I have some pictures so I am repenting.

Love y’all

Elder Huggins

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