This week was awesome. We are happy to say that there are four new members of the kingdom of God that were baptized yesterday. The Parga family. They are the best people ever. We have had so much fun teaching them and every time they seem to teach is something as well. It has definitely been a blessing to be here in Grand Prairie. I hope that we get to stay here. Elder White is awesome. He has taught me so much. We have had a heck of a week. We have two other investigators that should be baptized next transfer and hopefully another family if we can get in contact with them. We have been working our tails off and it has been amazing. We didn’t meet anyone to crazy but most of our week has been so scheduled out that we couldn’t do much contacting. Man all we can do now is sit and wait and see what transfers bring.

Honestly this week has flown it feels like it has only been like a day. If we get any news about transfers I will let you know if i have time if not I will have to let you know next week

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