Well, I have amazing news everyone! I AM STAYING IN DORAL WITH MY GREENIE!!! What a shock right? Haha! Actually the entire Doral House is staying, Elder Naea and Elder Winters are staying too. The AP’s decided to give us a scare though! On the call they said “Elder Williams, it is normally tradition for a son to stay with his father for two transfers, (Pause for dramatic effect) You will be following tradition and staying with Elder Huggins for another transfer! Oh man my heart stopped for a bit!
Ok, so this week I had an amazing experience that I would like to share with all of you. Elder Williams and I received a referral from a member named Hermano Camargo. We went with him to this family who is currently living in a run down hotel. This family let us in quickly and upon entering I looked around to see boxes of crackers, and a few cans of soup, and the clothes they were wearing were far from new. This family is a little 4 year old, and his parents, and this boy has ENERGY! We start talking to this family and we find out that they got to America 18 days ago and that Venezuela is getting progressively worse. This family was living without basic needs for a long time. Their child was eating the powders because they didn’t have any milk to mix it with. Now that they are here they are only a little better off. They have more basic necessities, only because the father works 2 jobs. During our conversation someone knocked the door and their friend came in holding a big box with a big smile on her face. She announced that it was the birthday of the mother and that she had found a cake for her. The put the box on the bed and opened it. The cake was destroyed, flipped over, and partly eaten. But we all stood up and sang happy birthday and during the song the mother cried. We shared cake with them, that we had to eat with plastic knives because they had no spoons or forks.
This experience really put everything back into perspective for me. How lucky I am, and how privileged I have been. I have so much to be great full for. And I know that as this family comes to the Gospel their lives will change.
I hope you all have a amazing week! My commitment for you all this week is to say a prayer and don’t ask for anything. Just say everything you are thankful for. 🙂

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