Hey y’all

Happy Fourth of July. This week has been awesome. We have found a few new investigstors that have some serious promise. We have two in date one of which we know is going to happen. Once again we have been working our tails off. One of the highlights is that the Parga’s youngest boy just had his birthday right before he was confirmed this week so we got to go over and have some pizza and cake with them. It was awesome. They are the best family ever. I got to baptize the two smallest. Marielita and Fabian and then I didn’t confirm anyone because of some serious hecticness that went down. We just really had no idea what we were doing. It has been crazy. They are now as of yesterday official members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Woohoo. Other than that it has been a pretty normal week. I mean a few crazies here and there and a heck of a lot of stupid jokes. The only thing I would add is layna you have no idea what hot means :). The summer apparently still hasn’t even really started. Everyone just tells me to wait till August. I guess we will see if I melt. I have learned that I do no more no matter what the weather is like. You just get to talk to so many more people that you miss if you are in a car.

I am so happy that I get another transfer here in Grand Prairie this is the kind of area I love. More on the ghetto side with plenty of people that speak Spanish. Sounds like y’all are having a blast back home. Enjoy that Utah “heat”. Oh, today has been fun too. We got to march in a parade and hand out about a million pass along cards and some of the senior sisters baked
a cake which was super nice of them.

Oh and the book of everything I would love that back. I was going to go get it from the temp,e eventually but I never found the time…  Hehehe thanks so much.

Well love y’all hope you have an awesome week


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