I am convinced that time doesn’t exist anymore. This is going by so fast!
This week has been quite the battle 🙂 We still are having a harder time to find investigadors but we are keeping it positive. We know that God is preparing us for something and allowing us to become better through trials. And what is amazing is every single night Elder Wiliams and I can look an eachother and say that we worked hard and did God’s will today. I can honestly say that I have felt like I have accomplished what God desired for me every day, even if we don’t have good “Numbers.” This week really opened my eyes and showed me that obedience to God is what truly is important. Because you never know the impact you have on those around you 🙂
Now that’s not to say I had a bad week, because I had a GREAT week! One of my favorite days was the 4th of July! For many reasons. I got to work which was super nice because, Elder Winters had to stay home. (And they were going to make me stay home with him.) But, I told Elder Naea (The DL) That I really wanted to work. So he had Elder Williams stay home with Elder Winters and we went and worked! YAHOO!!!! My favorite meeting was with this 15 year old named Jasmine. She is the ONLY member in her family! We taught her about service and doing small acts of kindness. She Loved the video we shared with her and she is going to bring some friends to church on sunday! Teaching her made me realize how even younger people can be moved upon by the Holy Ghost and know that this Gospel is the restored and perfect Gospel. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful the spirit is and how, when people are humble enough to harken to it’s promptings and act on them, how much it truly changes people.
That night we went home with a pizza and cinnamon sticks 🙂 The other Elders had baked the Cake that mom sent me (THANKS!). They sang happy birthday and we had a great night watching Meet the Mormons and playing ping pong on our small table 🙂 I also saw a few fireworks which was awesome too!
Alright! My challenge for all of you amazing people this week is to say family prayer every single day before you go to bed 🙂
Love you all!
I would like to explain the “Elect” idea to you a little more 🙂 You need to know that I agree with you 100% percent, especially that all of God’s children are Elect in the way that you are using it. Our mission President always tells this story of a man who rejected the missionaries with yells screams and a good slammed door and then felt horrible about what he did. He prayed and 4 years latter missionaries again knocked on his door, he was baptized 3 weeks later. And he says that if he hadn’t slammed the door in the missionaries face 4 years ago, he wouldn’t be a member today. Obviously the missionaries who got the door slammed in their face wont know the difference they made until the Celestial Kingdom. But what they did changed that mans life forever. Now here is the difference in the idea of Elect that we use in the mission. Was that man elect when he slammed the door in the missionaries faces? No. But would he one day turn into a Elect person who had been worked on by the spirit and prepared to then receive the Gospel? Yes! Could we say that he was a elect seed that just need time to sprout? YES! Did the missionaries who got the door slammed on their faces play a vital roll in his conversion without knowing it? YES! In my mission we are firm believers that one of our highest callings is to plant seeds and that there is much work that we did that we will not know about for a long time. This is the first thing that the President teaches all of the Greenies that walk into the mission. -That no matter what happens, plant as many seeds as you can. Because you never know what will come from it.-
So now for the idea of Elect. In this mission we believe that we are Harvesters. In D&C 4 we read that the field is White. A quote that I have heard is “This scripture doesn’t say that he field is brown and ready to plant, or green and ready to water, it says that it is white and ready to harvest. We are harvesters”
While we do plant and water everywhere we go as missionaries our main job is to harvest. We are called to our areas for a short 6 weeks and God has prepared people for us to find and even to baptized in that small time. He has also prepared people who we are supposed to water, and faith seeds we are to plant. What we consider the “Elect” on our mission are the people who are WHITE and ready to harvest. They are the people who are Willing to Change, Ready to Act, and who desire to covenant. The people that God has been preparing for years and years who are now ready to enter into the waters of baptism. So when I say that “That person wasn’t Elect.” I do not mean that they are never going to get the Gospel, or that they will not one day become Elect people. It just means that at his time they are brown, or green, and they aren’t ready for baptism, YET. Does that make since?
In the case of Grandpa we would say that for a long time he wasn’t elect. That he wasn’t ready to be baptized. And that is okay. He was simply growing and being prepared by the spirit. That he was being watered spiritually. Once he became ready to be “harvested” or ready to enter into the covenant of baptism that is what we call Elect. He was not Elect for a while, but he grew into an Elect person, someone that had been worked on by the spirit for years and prepared by God.
The way that you say that Grandpa was Elect is also correct if we look at it from the way that you are using the word Elect. Grandpa has been one of the chosen Elect his entire life. God has been preparing him and molding him until he could finally handle the convenient of Baptism. Grandpa has always been Elect in that since. That he had that seed of faith and that he grew and grew until he could have been harvested.
I think we are just using two different versions of Elect.
My mission’s version: People that have ALREADY been prepared and are in the point in their lives that they are ready NOW for the covenant of baptism. Or we could say the RIPE grains in the field.
What I believe your version is: People who have the seed inside them and are going through the process of becoming a RIPE seed. They have the potential and are progressing to the harvesting stage. They may currently just be an Elect seed, but they will grow and become a White grain in God’s field.
I know that we meet people every day who are elect (in the since that you are using it.) Who will one day accept the Gospel, and are simply at the growing stage. They aren’t ready yet. So we do our part and give them an opportunity to hear the Gospel again and spiritual experience to water them a bit and help them grow. But who we focus on and try to find are the Elect (in the way the mission uses it) who have already been prepared and are ready to ACT.
I hope that made since in some way 🙂 Basically we were just using two different definitions for Elect. When I use it I refer to people who are at a specific stage in life and ready to act now. And when you use it you are referring to people who will get to that point one day, but aren’t there yet. They still an elect grain of wheet, they just aren’t white yet 🙂

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