What a week it was! So, this week has been a transition week for the work in this area! As you guys know (or I hope you know) I don’t believe in hard areas. I can’t believe in then because if I do believe that the area is “Bad” then I can’t have the faith for God go give me the miracles. Because he can bless any missionary in any area with the people he needs. So, this are isn’t a hard area. God has simply been qualifying us and forging us and seeing if we are diligent enough to push through. And that is what the first of the week was. Every appointment we had set up for the last few weeks has fallen through, and even our member appointments would fall through haha! This pattern kept happening until FRIDAY!!! Friday was a very bi-polar day. It was one of the longest days of my mission. The minutes didn’t move, the sun was hot, the people were rejection us, the sun was HOT, and it was just one of those long days. UNTILL God decided it was time to bless us. Friday night we found a Less Active family who is super nice and willing for us to come back! AND! The wife herself said “Yeah we are just making excuses for not coming to church, we should go back.” It was awesome! Elder Williams and I were practically skipping back to the car because we finally had 1 return appointment with a less active! I am amazed at how much gratitude we feel just for having one solid appointment. And then, while looking for another less active we decided to knock some doors in the area and we found Leana and her Husband! AND THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!!! I am SO GREATFULL!!! I know for sure that I have learned to have gratitude and be thankful for even just having one appointment 🙂 And I can feel that God is happy that I am grateful for the blessings he is giving me.

Then Saturday we were also able to visit with the Less Active family and have an amazing lesson with them. The “kids” who are now 25-30 have never really read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, and have never felt the spirit testify in their lives that this is Gods restored Church. So we had an amazing lesson with many testimonies from their parents, we read in the Book of Mormon a little bit and they committed to seek out with faith and READ AND PRAY! I know that they will receive answers and feel the spirit in a way that they haven’t for a long time. But they will feel it 🙂 God always answers, in his own time, and in his own way, but he answers.

And that was my week!!! Thank you all so much for your support!

And my commitment for all of you this week is to read a chapter in the Book of Mormon. At least one chapter 🙂 You can pick which ever you want. Some recommendations I would give are Ether 12, Moroni 10, Alma 32, Alma 5, or 3 Nephi 11, or even Enos (it’s only one chapter long!)
Reading the scripture’s is one of the key ways we establish a connection with God, Receive his Revelation, Build our Faith, and so much more. And i’ll tell you why

Knowledge leads to Belief, Belief leads to Faith, and Faith leads to Miracles (and the perception of them) So go out and get some knowledge of God so you can believe in him more! 🙂


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