Hey y’all this week has been awesome.

We have two people working their way towards baptism and the Parga family is doing really well.  We just found a new investigator as well that seems super promising.  Mostly we have been visiting referrals and less actives to clean our area book out a little bit.  We have been going out with tons of members which has been super fun as well.

We have met some super cool people and hopefully we have found some people that are going to keep progressing.  We have definitely seen a lot of miracles.  The funnest experience was that we went on exchanges with the zone leaders.  We were just visiting a couple people and we got a call.  There was a girl on the other end of the line that had read the Book of Mormon and preach my gospel and knew it was true.  So she wanted to be baptized… That was a heck of a miracle.  It was insane.   Ok for the questions the rings are pro rings which stands for pray read an obey.  It is like a ctr ring but better.  Yeah we do give them to every convert so that’s why the picture was so awesome.

I have no idea what stupid jokes I was talking about.  As for my birthday yeah it was awesome,  we went out to lunch with Len and had some super good barbaque is was awesome. Len gave me the coolest gift ever.  Then we came home and chilled for a sec.  We taught a couple people and my companion got me a sketchbook and some charcoal pencils for my birthday. It was awesome it was one heck of a day.  Weirdest animal is definitely a chigger.  Little nasty red bugs that crawl in your socks and bite your ankles. So far I have been spared but elder white got bit pretty hard core.  I think that is everything.  Other than that this has been another week of going ham and trying are hardest to be the best missionaries we can be.  It has been awesome.

Love y’all so much

Mom you are going to do awesome

Elder Huggins

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