This week has been awesome. We have had zone interviews and as a mission we now have a new vision of flooding the Book of Mormon. With that new vision we have been doing a lot of planning to try to put it into practice.

Zone interviews was all a out the Book of Mormon and how it is the most important to combined with the spirit we have for conversion which really struck me hard. I have been using the bible so much because it seems like something that everyone here can agree on. Everyone in Texas knows the bible is true but the Book of Mormon. I always thought sharing from the Book of Mormon would just lead to contention but funny enough I am learning that that isn’t true at all. Showing and sharing the Book of Mormon and passages from it actually just shows people that it contains testimony of Christ and everything he teaches. It is not the crazy cult book that everyone thinks it is. This initiative has also called me to hit the Book of Mormon pretty hard and study not only the book itself but about it. I have found a lot of stuff that has strengthened my testimony. It is so cool. It was an amazing meeting and we are going to see a lot of success if we put all this knowledge into practice.

Also we got an announcement that we are going to be one of fifteen missions allowed to use Facebook. Coming from not even touching Facebook I have no idea how that is going to work…

As of actually working there are a couple investigators who are still going strong the coolest one is Adler. He is a boss. We go over once a week and he is loving the gospel. And hen Charles Teemer he is loving church as well. We are definitely seeing blessings.

I don’t have any crazy stories though. But hopefully next week we will be helping some random Guy we met cut down a giant tree so I will let ya know how that goes.

Oh one more thing. This knew Pokemongo thing is going nuts. Everyone has it here in Texas. There is always someone talking about it. It is so funny

Well that’s all I got

Love y’all

Elder Huggins

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