Hey so first off I am super glad to hear all is going well with my Catracho of a brother. Man your Spanish is awesome. It is way better than mine. But I do have a teensy favor. Could y’all resend the big email from the hospital it deleted half way through and I would like to finish it.

As for this week it has been super fun. We have to put some of our super golden investigators on the back burner for some word of wisdom issues which sucks but we will keep working with them. We got to have an a,axing family home evening with our recent converts but she has had some trouble getting t church because of her job. She still loves the gospel and lay converted we just need to get her into the temple.

Elder White has a year out on the mission now and he is only one transfer farther than me. That kind of freaks me out a little bit. I still feel like a greenie.

We are definitely having a lot of fun and working hard. Nothing super interesting happened in Texas. We are just continuing the March for trying to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon. We just figured out that it is actually prophecy if you read he 1988 October general conference address from Ezra Taft benson. It is super cool

This next week we are going to be in the sisters area with five other companionships. We are going to flood their area. It is going to be so much fun.

Spencer you are a boss pro keep getting better ok. You are a mega missionary. I already know you have accomplished more
in this year than ninety percent of missionaries do in their whole missions. And it ain’t even over for you yet. Love ya bro

Love y’all
Elder Huggins

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