Hey y’all

Another heck of a week in Texas. It has been super fun. This week has been full of planning and meetings. We as a mission
have become a pilot mission for Facebook. We will be using it as a tool to find and teach. There are a lot of possibilities of the ways that we could use this tool and we are striving to our best to make it the tool the lord wants it to be.

It has been kind of a hectic week because of all the training and stuff for setup that we’ve had to do. We have done a lot of work but my brain is totally fried. Most of our visits have been to members to get this flood going. So far it has been such a cool experience. There is always a common thread. The Book of Mormon has changed there lives. Always for the better. Some say it opened there eyes to ways they were living incorrectly. Others it is just he piece the spirit brings when they read it but all have a powerful testimonies of its authenticity and its power. It truly is the keystone of our religion and I have seen a pattern every single less active has stopped reading there Book of Mormon. Every one let that habit slip and there testimony followed. The power in that book needs to be a constant in our lives.

The coolest thing was a baptism that the senior sisters had that took place Saturday. Elder White performed the ordinances. It was awesome. It only took three tries to get him under. He is a ninety year old man who had just he put this ankle but eventually hey got it done. He was super ready to be baptized though. He is now the newest member of Grand Prairie. Woohoo

As for investigators we have found quite a few. Progress is a little slow right now but it is happening. We are excited with some of these new investigators that are coming out of he woodwork. We will keep working hard and having fun. I am glad to hear that spence is doing well enjoy monster hunter for me. Love ya bro.

No real crazy just a lot of new things to use and to think about. We are working hard and having a blast as always

Have a good week y’all

Love ya

Elder Huggins

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