First week of a new transfer. Nothing but craziness. It is so much fun taking over an area. Our miracle investigators Brian and Adrian have now come to church three times and we haven’t even taught them yet. We have an appointment his week. We are super excited. They just showed up with friends of theirs and said that they had never felt the spirit as strong in other churches. We got to talk to Mariela again they are doing Saran is kind of hitting at them hard right now but they are super strong. It is awesome to see how powerful their testimonies already are. We also got a few more new investigators this week. There is one family of like four that we are excited to keep teaching. They seemed to really enjoy the last lesson on the restoration and they said they would love for us to come back. Then another family of three accepted a baptismal date four the fourth. They still have a lot they need to learn but they already basically believe everything that we believe. They are definitely the elect. The mom of that family is named Stephanie. Then a guy named Dennis we have taught three times so far is progressing really well. We just need to get him to church!!! And that is basically all that is happening investigator wise. We have been trying to use Facebook a
little bit more I have even had a couple lessons. Which honestly is really weird. It is really hard to judge people’s emotions and
reactions through an IPad screen. As a mission we are really trying to figure out how to use this new tool that the Lord has given us.

I am learning more and more that we live in a world where technology gives us access to limitless perils and untold possibilities. There is so much danger in this digital age. Satan has the power to sneak into our houses and lives without us we knowing. I swear that Sagan has some sort of power over electronics whenever you try to do something spiritual over technology there is a short or a technical glitch. He has a power over the Internet as well with all that goes on there. On the other hand the amazing amount of good that can be spread to the far corners of the earth with the click of a button is such a cool thought. This is definitely a tool the lord has given us so that the gospel truly can sound in every ear.

My new companion is Elder Denos which funny enough used to be my district leader back in Tyler. Everything seems to come back to me from Tyler… Everyone I met there has always shown up again somewhere else. Maybe that isn’t such a cool thing but to me man two of the people that were in my district in my first area have now become my companions. It is so weird. Elder Denos is awesome he is from Riverton Utah. He has been out for twenty months so this looks like it is going to be his dying area. He is an awesome missionary. This has been a really fun week. Honestly I have been absolutely loving every minute here in Grand Prairie. This place is the promised land. People show up out of nowhere wanting to hear the restored gospel. It is definitely been super fun and an experience I am not going to forget.

As for weird experiences just the usual knocking into crazies. We met one guy who thought he was so much better than us because he had been to Africa and we have ran into two more people that use the same descendants of Israel bible only applies to me thing. A couple bashers. One Jehovahs Witness that just ran away and one lady that probably had like thirty cats. All in all it has been a pretty good week…

I am glad to hear that you are doing good spence and that you are already back to buying magic cards… I am not gonna lie I have
collected a couple here as well the one suggestion I would make is get the boosters that are from Gatewatch. They have things called eldrazis that have to be some of the coolest creatures I have ever seen. Oh and if you find my white box of cards with my planes walkers and stuff… Let me know. Man I sound like a geek. All good Geeks are the fun people anyways Love ya bro

Mom and Dad I love ya too.I hope this is sufficiently long I am so sorry for last week I lost track of time playing volleyball and only had ten minutes left to write. I will do better. I promise. Len got the message to me that the email was pathetic. I was laughing pretty hard.

And Layna Happy birthday in two weeks. Love ya sis keep kicking mine craft butt

Andrita love ya too sis you are the best

Elder Huggins

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