Hey y’all

This has been an awesome week. It has been a little slower lessons wise. But we have still definitely seen miracles. We had two more investigators fall out of the sky and they are awesome. One is another friend of the first two and the other is a referral from the sisters. They are both awesome and we are super excited to see how they progress. We also had to contact over ninety referrals I took us about six hours and they were all like two years old so we didn’t see much success it was ridiculous and man I am so sick of calling people.

We have been having an awesome time. Like I said nothing really happened teaching wise just a lot of contacting and trying to work up our teaching pool again we are super excited for this coming week though it is going to be awesome we have tons of appointments set up with some really solid investigators.

Last week for Pday was amazing as well after we finished emailing we went to the park to play volleyball and then it started pouring. We all got soaked and the street turned into a river. It was insane how much rain there was. Everyone was slipping everywhere and it lasted a good hour and a half. Afterward we were all soaked to the bone even one of the elders who showed up in pros… It was super fun.

I did get the package. Thank you so much it was awesome I love the notes they were super fun to read. It sounds like y’all have had a heck of a week. I have definitely been having fun here. I am starting to turn into mom though I can’t remember anything at all I mix up names and addresses and all sorts of craziness. I guess I just have to much running through my head all the time there is so much to keep track of. I absolutely love being out here serving. There are so many blessings that u have received that I couldn’t have gotten any other way. It is crazy how much change I have seen in myself. I am definitely not the same person that left and I still have a year left. I am so excited. In like four days I hit a year how crazy is that and as for time left I have less than a year I am so excited to be able to say just over a year when people ask me how long I’ve been out. I gotta work hard and make every second count. Layna happy birthday to you. Love ya sis you are the best. Here is a crazy thought I will be home before your next birthday how crazy is that.

Love y’all have an awesome week

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