So I am getting transferred but I still have no idea where.  It breaks my heart to leave but I saw it coming.  I will probably figure out later tonight where I’m headed.  Hopefully it’s still English.  For all I know I could get doubled in because there are 7 new areas opening with the crazy amount of incoming missionaries.  Honestly anything could happen.  I could be the Spanish elder with an English companion who knows.

It’s been a good week.  Our baptism didn’t go through we had to extend the date and I’m leaving.  dang it!  Oh well I will definitely be making it back for these baptisms there are three coming up next month. I am super excited.  Mostly we have done more finding in Spanish this week.  We haven’t had a whole lot of success but we have been trying. English work is going really really well.  Spanish is bottoming out hut it is getting the members to really get out there and get some work going why have activities planned and everything to find.  It is going to be super cool

I am super excited to talk to y’all tonight.  I honestly know that Spence is going to be fine.  I am not panicking horribly. I will definitely feel better when I know Spence is out of surgery and healing up.  But he better not push himself into going back to early. The Lord has his timing and don’t let him mess with it.

Sorry this isn’t super huge.  Not a lot of craziness has happened.  No one new dropped out of the sky it has just gone really really fast. This week flew.  I can definitely feel that the downhill slide is speeding up.  I gotta work hard to keep going cause this mission is going to be over.

Love y’all

Elder Huggins

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