So first so I don’t forget

1-    What is your new companions name?

Elder Ahmad

2-    What is his story? Did he grow up in Syria or the states? And all other pertinent, interesting facts.

He grew up in Syria and actually came here from there.  He is still deciding whether after his mission he will return to Lebanon to help with his branch or study here in college.

3-    WHAT IS YOUR ADDRESS? The full thing including zip code

4-    Are you in an apartment or living with a family?

We have an apartment.

5-    How do you like your new area?

It’s fun.  It’s huge so driving anywhere takes at least fifteen minutes and here is nowhere to just contact.  I love it.  I am basically out east again which is super fun.

6-    Is it a bilingual area?

Yes it is.  There is a small Spanish group here so it will be fun to get to work with them.

7-    What is different about this new area than your other areas? (ie: landscape, farm land, city like)

This is all farmland and trailers.  True Texan hick country everything.

8-    On bikes or in a car?

If we were in a bike we would be dead.  It would take us hours to bike anywhere.

9-    Just one ward? Or are you over two again?

One Ward and a group

10-Anything else you think we need to know. J

That’s about it

11- And most importantly, are there Hermanas in your district? J


I haven’t put the address in yet when I started writing so if I forgot just email and I will get it to ya.

This week has been a lot of fun.  It has been crazy.  Honestly judging by this first week this is going to be the area where most of my stories come from.  It has been super fun the members are great and we have a rockin Ward mission leader and bishop.  This is going to be a really great area I can feel it.  I’m glad to hear that spencer is doing good.  I’ve been shocked at how fast he is healing.  He will be back out in no time.  Glad to hear everyone else is doing well to.

I don’t know how many stories I have to tell ya.  I’ve gotten knife throwing lessons worked in a tortilla shop.  Talked to a woman that was both high and drunk out of her mind.  And bible bashed about some crazy deep doctrine with a member.  It has been a lot of fun.

Elder Ahmad is a super cool companion.  He knows like four languages and is learning Spanish.  It is crazy.  He is teaching me so much it’s crazy.  I don’t like leaving my old area but this one is going to be an adventure of its own.  Sunday Ahmad baptized a girl for the third time. And we have a couple more investigators that are making some serious progress.  I still haven’t met a whole ton of people but I’m getting around. Hopefully I will have some more next week to tell y’all.

Elder Huggins

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