Hey y’all.

First off Happy Birthday Dad.  I love ya old man:)

Honestly though thank you for everything.

Second of all.  It is so an Andrea miss queen of loving horror to want to buy a SEVERED HAND!!  I’m so proud. You kill me missy.

To the rest of y’all whackos I am so glad I was born into this family where we are all straight jacket worthy together.  Love ya

It has been another fun week.  Not quite as much happened that was crazy but we have had some awesome lessons. We are hopefully looking at four baptisms coming up pretty quick which will be awesome.  Greenville is a super fun area There is a ton of driving since we cover a whole stinkin county which is not as fun but the people here are amazing.  Hopefully we will be coming up with a few good stories here pretty quick.

It is finally cooling down a little.  It is still in the high eighties.  Everyone is so excited to be out of the 98 degree weather.  It is the main topic of conversation around here. Now we just gotta wait till it drops to 20 degrees and everything freezes.  I swear Texas is the most bipolar state ever.  But on the bright side with the upcoming elections there is a pretty good chance I will be one of the few missionaries to serve in a stateside and foreign mission without even moving.  So I’m excited.  That would definitely be an adventure.

Conference was amazing. I got to watch the Sunday session outside on a farm with a bunch of chickens running around my feet.  I think my favorite talk was Elder Uchtdorfs about not taking for granted the wonders of the gospel.  That was amazing.  It’s crazy how much we sometimes do I mean if we honestly think about it we sat next to our Heavenly Father.  Each one of us.  A fact that hardly anyone even knows about and decided that we would give this life thing a go.  He promised that he would be there for us as long as we tried our best and that one way or another we would have a chance to make it back.  And that is just the beginning.  It’s crazy to think that the simplest pieces of the gospel hold so much power.  I know for one that I have overstepped the mark in doctrinal places.  Deep doctrine though really fun to argue about with certain members does absolutely nothing for us.  I don’t know I just thought it was cool.

Other than that I don’t have much else.  I’m glad y’all enjoyed conference yet another month has passed me by.  I can feel the downhill slope but I love the fact that I can look back on my mission so far and see every bump in the road that tripped me up or the times I thought I wasn’t accomplishing anything and see the savior pick me up just in time.  See him put me back on my feet give me a firm shove forward and get me going again.  It’s been a learning experience and I definitely have had a lot of learning to do but I look back with no regrets.  Except for maybe eating waaay to much Mexican food.  Aye I’m surprised I haven’t gained a hundred pounds.  The mission is amazing.  There is stuff I couldn’t have learned any other way.  I have a lot of improvement to go but I know my savior is with me and that’s all anyone really needs.

Love y’all

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