This week has been fun.  Mostly it has been a lot of service and finding.  We set a baptismal date with a nine year old boy named Vincent and he is so excited.  He is absolutely ready and we are working with his parents as well and they are really progressing as well.  They live on a little farm out in the middle of nowhere and are one of the craziest, loudest families I have ever met.  It is a lot of fun to go over and teach them.  The other investigator that is progressing really well is named Jewel. She still has a couple road blocks in her way but she is also ready to get baptized. We met another guy named hunter and he is going to be an amazing investigator.  He is out living on his own at 17 he has had it tough this past little while and he is super open to learning about the gospel.  We met him at Walmart when a member told us there was someone she wanted us to meet.  He literally dropped out of the sky which means teaching him should go really well.  All of the good investigators drop out of the sky.  Other than that. The service has been a lot of fun we have helped build a chicken coop and a house

Ok Andrea if you don’t want to cry don’t read the next paragraph

We had the craziest dinner.  Everything was going normally in the beginning.  We had a good meal and the member was really fun to talk to so all was well.  The only weird thing is that the members llama and sheep had been running back and forth outside but we had guessed that they were just energetic. After dinner we of course decided to share a message and half way through the member looks outside to see a huge black dog outside terrorizing his llama.  He mumbled something about a gun and ran outside.  He shot the dog three times but it was too late.  It had already gotten the llama and one of the sheep.

Dinners here are always exciting.  Something always seems to happen…  I guess that’s what you get in an out in the middle of nowhere kind of place like Texas. I did get the package thank you so much.  And what I meant about the stateside and foreign mission is that Texas is going to succeed.

Well love y’all

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