Hey y’all

It’s been another fun week I can’t believe it but we’ve already hit the last week of his transfer. That is absolutely crazy to me. They
are all flying by so fast.

We just had the interview for Vincent and he passed with flying colors. He will be baptized Saturday and he has asked me to confirm him Sunday. I am really excited. He is such a good kid. During the interview we were able to talk more to his dad. He is also getting really close he just wants to read The Who,e Book of Mormon before he gets baptized to make sure there isn’t any crazy doctrine or anything but he is already passed the isiaiah chapters so everything should be smooth sailing. Our other investigators seem to be peetering out a little bit. They don’t seem to want to come to church and if they don’t come here isn’t much we can do. They all say they want to progress and learn more but Sunday’s are rough. We have really solid investigators that just need to come and if they won’t we have to move on. Not my favorite part of mission life but that’s how it goes.

It’s been amazing to see the gospel change people. There is a light in people at wasn’t there before and that is a huge testimony to me. I keep hearing stories of people going to other churches and I mean tons of others and there is a common theme of yours was different. It is amazing.

Other than that not much craziness. We went golfing with some members and investigators which was a lot of fun. Luckily we were in teams so we didn’t take six years to finish but every time I would hit it off the tee if there was a water hazard within three freakin mikes I seemed to splash the ball straight into the middle of it. It was ridiculous my group started making jokes that if we ever had a drought they would just hand me a stick and a rock and see where I hit it to so we could find water. Goodness… it was a lot of fun though and luckily I was better when we got a little closer to the hole. For my first time I don’t think I did to bad.

We had one investigator fall out of the sky and he is progressing really well. We don’t even have to ask for a return appointment he asks us and sets it up. It has been fun to teach him. His name is hunter and I think I’ve mentioned him before. But it just amazes me that the best investigators literally fall out of the sky. This guy was by chance in Walmart and by chance met a really cool member and then we by chance walked in thirty seconds after he left. He then by chance came back to walmart later in the week and by chance ran into the same member who called us and we met him. Man the lord works in mysterious ways

And I think that’s about it. Love y’all have a good week

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