Ok this is going to be a short one.  I do not have a lot of time.

The biggest news is that Vincent Was Baptized!!!  It was an amazing experience.  I confirmed him the next day.  He was beaming.  The spirit was so strong.

We are making some progress wi our other investigators we are hoping for at least two more baptisms next month.  It is going to be awesome. Elder Ahmad is leaving I am staying. Elder White has just dropped a hint that something crazy is going to happen…  I have no idea if he actually knows anything.    I guess we will see.  I am glad to be staying in Greenville even though this place is NUTS.  there are some great people.

We met an illuminati conspiracy theorist I will have to fill you in on his theory later.  It is so weird.  Other than that.  Not a lot has happened.  We have not done a lot of Halloweey halloween stuff so not a lot of postures.  I will get you some of the ward party and the baptism I have to get them from my ward mission leader.  Other than that not a lot of crazy has happen.  I will let you know if the call is in time to tell you who my new companion will be.  I guess we will see…

Well love y’all

Elder Huggins

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