Hi everyone,

The first week of a new transfer.  Everything is going awesome.  My new companion is elder beus he is from Pocatello Idaho.  He is an amazing missionary I am going to learn a lot. Nothing really crazy has happened this week.  We have mostly been just trying to find part member families and see who has moved and who is still interested in learning.  We have over seven hundred members in the records but only about one hundred and fifty are actively attending.  As for investigators we just found a new family of five that we are going to start working with hey were a referral from a less active member and have a lot of potential.  It turns out that the big surprise white was talki about is that elder jones an elder I worked with back in Tyler is going to be in the zone and he is. Now an AP which is cool Oh and the crazy illuminati guys theory is that the reason there is such a big pro abortion push right now is because a vampire like elect is using the stem cells of aborted babies to extend there lives and that McDonald’s and Taco Bell are drugged to make he human race stupider and easier to control.  That was a weird conversation.

Another fun conversation was with a college student that asked every Mormon question from polígamo to magic underwear.  Luckily it was over a messaging app so we were able to study out all the questions as we went.  It was stressful but a lot of fun.  It went really really well. She wasn’t that interested but now I have the answer to everything.

Other than that not a lot of craziness.  Just greenville as usual building chicken coops here and helping people move there.  Teaching in a ghetto apartment complex and loving it. It has been so much fun so far and I am so happy I have at least another transfer.

Love y’all

Elder Huggins

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