Hey y’all

This week has been amazing. We have seen so many miracles. People have just popped up out of nowhere in ways only God could have prepared. One of those families and the one with the most potential is the Littrell family. The father was baptized when he was young and his family drifted away from the church. To this day he has guarded his testimony that the most true of all religions is Mormonism. He has been to a ton of churches and says that he never felt the same spirit that he remembered as a child. We have only had one less with the little fami,y of four but the spirit was so strong. Even brother littrell said he felt it. That same spirit he felt as a boy. His wife was super excited they had been talking about this kind of stuff for a long time. And we found them by knocking doors. It was awesome.

We have also started working even closer to the college. We have found a couple fun investigators including a music major and a ton of his friends. Our teaching list is growing. We are still working with all of our old investigators and they are progressing. They have slowed down a little but step by step. Most of our seek has been spent trying to find how many of our 500+ less actives still live here. We have found over 60 that have moved so we are at least making a dent. It makes me laugh because all of the people we actually go to areas for are never home or reaaallly don’t like us. Then we just knock right around the houses and we always have a cool experience. This is definitely the lords work I mean we really wouldn’t accomplish much if it was just us. I am constantly reminded of that and honestly it’s comforting to know that he is leading all we have to do is put in the effort.

I can’t believe the holidays are upon us I keep thinking about where I was last year. Last Halloween I was in Tyler. That is weird to think about. Man the mission goes fast. Scarily fast. I’m on the downhill slide for crying out loud and I still feel like a greenie. I never believed everybody when they said that you never feel like you have been out for a long time. Man the mission is awesome. Not the easiest or at times the funnest thing I have ever done. Not the best time but definitely the best for me. I am so glad I still have ten months left still. So many more opportunities and stories. Who know what will happen.

Love y’all hope you have an awesome week

Elder Huggins

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