Hey y’all

Happy thanksgiving.  This week has been a lot of fun Thanksgiving was awesome.  Neither of us exploded which was a plus.  We had lunch and dinner with two of the coolest families in the ward.  The Phillips and the Lemmons.  Unfortunately due to extenuating circumstances photographic evidence of these to events is unavailable.  What I can tell you is that it was a lot of fun.  Not quite like Thanksgiving with the family but ya know.  Nothing to crazy to report I am in a n English area mostly right now so crazy food was to a minimum he only thing even out of the ordinary was some venison.  Other than that our investigators are progressing really really well.  And I just heard the people that i was working with in Greenville just got baptized. It was awesome to hear.  Our mission has an awesome goal to make this Christmas a white Christmas by getting one baptism in every unit of the mission.  Be praying for us.  Honestly it is all in the lords timing and the real trick is loving the people and being a guide goals and numbers aren’t the important thing.  The truth is that people are the reason we have missionaries.  Individuales that have cracked there hearts open enough to feel the first inkling of the spirit.

I can’t believe that was my last thanksgiving.  How crazy is that.  I feel like I have said some version of that sentence a lot lately but it just shocks me how time flies.  It makes me smile to think back on the beginning of this year.  That daunting feeling of I will be a missionary for this entire year honestly felt a little scary and overwhelming.  Now I look back and see how much I have learned and grown.  My knowledge of the gospel.  My love for my savior.  Maybe even a couple scriptures to demolish anyone who ever dares to stand against my companion and I.  It has been a lot of fun.

Other than that not to much craziness.  We have met some new families. I hope we can see some progression.  That’s my favorite part seeing the moment when they finally get it.

Love y’all

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