Hey everyone.

We just got back from doing some more work on a house.  This week has been awesome all of our investigators are finally back in board and progressing,  we had started to lose touch wit a lot of them but now we are back in track.  The mission has a total of 218 baptismal dates for this month because of this initiative.  We finally think we are going to do it.  The mission goal since as long as I have been here is to get 200 baptisms in a month and with president Taylor leaving next July he is kicking it into overdrive.

We haven’t done a lot of finding this week but we will pick that up. I can’t believe once again we are at the last week of the transfer.  I am honestly hoping and praying to stay one more.  This has been my favorite area so far.  So many great people and tons of fun adventures.  It has been a lot of fun.  I know the Lord has a plan for me and if I stay I stay if I go I go but still.

We have this one lady we found that has a giant spider standing guard outside her door.  She says it keeps the flies away.  Every time we go over it’s there.  She is a super cool investigator but she definitely has a little crazy going on.

The Christmas season is officially here.  This is one of my favorite times as a missionary because so many more people are open to messages of Jesus Christ.  The buzz in the air that leads people towards spiritual things is really cool to see.  Everyone here in Texas or at least ninety-nine percent are Christians which is awesome but also one of the hardest things about the mission as well.  Everyone knows who Christ is and because of that they don’t want any more but in this season everyone is happy to hear a message about the birth of their savior.

The mission is such a blessing.  It is so much fun.  I’ve learned a lot and I plan to learn a lot more.  It is getting weird because everyone I have gotten to know is leaving which means I am not all that far behind.  I am punching to the max making every second count. The lord has blessed me so much.  I need to do what I can

Love y’all

Elder Huggins

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