Hello everyone it looks like transfers are here again.  Luckily,  I’m not going anywhere!  I get another transfer here in Greenville and I am super excited about it.  Beus and I are staying together so this is going to be an awesome transfer. This week has been a lot of fun.  We have stayed pretty busy.  I went on exchanges back to a Spanish area for a day which was awesome and we also went and helped out another couple of elders in their area.  So a lot of this week was spent exchanging.  We met a crazy guy who told me about some religion I have never heard of.  Something like Baha’i or something. Someone will probably have to look that up for me and tell me what it’s about.  We also met and Odenist a guy who believed in north mythology so that was interesting. The Baha’i guy was actually really cool. Hi is one of the most honest seekers of truth I have ever met.  He really just wants to know what he can put his faith in.  We invited him to church but since it was in another area I don’t know how it went.

For service we helped save the lives of some baby chicks.  They were outside and it is finally getting cold here so we helped a member put some tarps up to keep them warm.  And every time we go over to that members house she gives us fresh farm eggs which are really good.  We also did some. More work on the house.  I will get y’all a picture when it’s done.  Today we did some trim stuff and. They just started painting he walls right after we left.  The member, his name is bro. Liggett, is trying to get it most if not all of it done by Dec 23 so we are helping out as much spas we can.

Our investigators are doing really well.  We have seen a lot of improvement and progression in all of them.  We only have one left to work on getting to church the rest are coming so. Woohoo.  We are so close with the littrell family.  They are absolutely amazing.  They love the gospel and even though we have only been able to teach them two lessons they keep asking for the phamplets so they can read ahead. We handed them a WOW phamplet and they started living it that day! They are so the elect. I can’t believe this is the last transfer of my full year.  It is crazy in January I was sure that this year was never going to end. Now I look back and see just how fast it has gone. Christmas and New Years are right around the corner.  Spence is heading back out. I am so excited for him.   Bro, you are living he dream I have heard a lot of people say sometimes I just wish I could go back to my mission and lucky you has that opportunity.  You are a powerhouse!

I can wait to see y’all Christmas.  I know it is gonna come quick.  I did get the packages from everyone and am super excited they are sitting under our six inch Christmas tree. Our apartment is so ghetto oh it is so much fun.

Well I love y’all.

Elder Huggins

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