Hey everyone it’s he first week of the new transfer and it has been a lot of fun.  I will get you pictures if he house we have been helping with next week.  It’s getting close.  They were putting the flooring in today.  The coolest thing that happened this week is that eight other missionaries came and worked in our area for a day which was super cool.  We have seen a lot of blessings.  We haven’t been able to meet with many of our progressing investigators this week because of Christmas coming up.  Everyone has been a little bit busy.

We did get the chance to meet with two new families that are starting to progress which has been awesome.  One is the Watkins.  We met with them once but it was a very powerful lesson.  They are open to the message and reading the Book of Mormon.  Then a referral from a member angel and bill and their children have come to church twice and are really enjoying it.  Fast and testimony meeting was a little strange when they first came but this second time was good.

I can’t believe that Christmas is so close.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  I am looking forward to seeing y’all one o’clock Texas time would probably be the best for us.  It’s crazy to think his is the last Christmas on the mission.  Time flies.  Oh, I also got called to be a district leader.  Which should be interesting…I’ll need some serious prayers.

I am so glad I get to be here serving our savior as we celebrate his birth.  It is an amazing time of year.  Everyone is a little more service oriented and there is a spirit in the air that turns people towards christ.  We have seen a lot of miracles in this area.  I am so glad I get to stay for another transfer.

Well I love y’all excited to talk with ya

Elder Huggins


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