So, this first week has been super cool. I must first apologize for the lack of pictures this week. I forgot my camera at the apartment. Ok, so this week. We fly in and I got to be the one leading the way of all the missionaries to go see Elder Towes and Pres Richardson wiating for us at the airport. It was super cool to see them again! On the two plain rides I was with all the greenies and I tell you, I was asked so so so so so so  many questions by then that it wasn’t even funny. But they all seemed to enjoy listening to my stories and they let me answer all of their questions in debth and by the end a bunch of them said. “i’m so glad ou are here with us. I’m not near as scared anymore.” So that made me happy to see I was helping. It was also super funny becuase there was a missionary who was returning home from his mission in Salt Lake on the first flight. And he tried to talk to me with his fast spanish thinking I was a greeny. Well, when I turned back and spoke 10 times faster than him he was ver ver suprised haha 😛

During the first day we were doing the Greeny orientation and I got to help the AP’s give advice to the new missionaries who were practicing our door aproach. The key is to be very very gentle 😉 We slept in a hotel that night and the next day was transfers. Where I found a ton of missionaries, only some that I knew, welcoming me back to the mission. My new companion is Elder Acosta-Rubio and he is cubin/venasualin. And he knows Spanish as well as I do haha! He was raised in america and only learned english.  And to sum him up he is basically a latin version of me HAHAHA! He has so much energy and we are really exctied to be working together. We already have a few new investigators that we are working with too!
The first meeting with that Branch Pres we brought a map to figure out where spanish people live in our area. We are up north so it’s a little bit harder to track down the latins up here. But it’s doable.
I am so excited to be back here and I love you all! Thank you all for the support and prayers.

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