So to be honest I really don’t remember all that that happened this week haha! It was super quick. We finally had our first lesson which was super fun! This guy named Noe with big poofy hair is our first investigator that we ahve found out here haha! He is cool, just super skeptical 😛 But if he reads he will receive the same testimony that I have that the Book of Mormon is true 🙂 We also have a cool guy named Dennis who we finally met at the Christmas ward party. He came to church too! Which was super nice awesome! He is basically ready to be baptized 🙂 He just needs his own testimony but he has already retrieved all of the lessons! At the christmas party “Santa” came to visit too haha! The kids went NUTS!!!!! And yeah, that was my week 🙂 Love you all! And thank you for your support!!

OH! Also! Thank you so much for the presents!!!!!!

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