Hey everyone.  We have had an amazing week this week. The highlight being that breck and the Littrell have decided to be baptized.  Breck will be his Saturday and the Littrell will be next Saturday.  We are so excited.  The Littrell are literally the most prepared people I have ever had the privilege to teach.  We actually taught them two lessons.  Then the fell off the face of the earth and we could only stop by and drop off phamplet.  Even with that they read all the phamplets did there own studies on things they didn’t understand and the assigned to there kids as homework so that they would learn as well.  They hit a lot of anti and every time they would tell us well duh.  It makes sense it would be like that.  They defended us.

They are super excited.  There has been a lot of change in that family.  The light that has filled the home has been amazing.  They text all the time telling us what changes they have seen and what the gospel is doing for them.  They are amazing.

Breck.  Took a little more of an analytical route and it finally hit him when he started seeing sections of history in the Book of Mormon. That the authors could have had no idea about.  He knows it’s true and he just had his interview yesterday.  We are super excited for him as well.

We have another family the caltons.  The wife is already on board she tells she has already made her decision.  Now we are working with her husband.  He used to be very involved in the baptist church and now is getting a lot of flack from his old colleagues.  We have a lot of hope for him.  He is open and learning he is just a little more skeptical. It’s starting to make sense to him those as we show that everything we talk about is in the Bible.  We are not taking away or changing.  Just completing.

Other than that,  no crazy knock ins.  Or weird religions.  Christmas was awesome and it was so good to see y’all.  New Years we had dinner a the mapangoes as you saw.  That game was so weird…  it was super funny though.   It has been an awesome week.  This area is absolutely amazing.

Love yall

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