So, this week was kinda strange. I spent a good three days not being aloud to do anything. Literally the nurse was like. Don’t even think of going outside for three days. Why you ask. Because I broke my toe! It’s the middle one and i completely snapped it in half down the middle. The good news is this time I didn’t have to read the xray for the doctor. (I did read it for myself anyways) It wasn’t exactly rocket science to see that the middle bone was snapped in half XD I am better at rapping the toe than the nurse at the urgent care was though 🙂 So 10 points!

So for the rest of the week it’s been a lot of slammed doors and no one answering the doors at scheduled appointments. But that’s okay. Because right at the end of the week after new years we called every single potential in our area book and on our referral board and ended up with 4 solid return appointments for the coming week 🙂 So that is super nice. We don’t have any solid investigators right now, but that’s what we get for whitewashing in, it’s slow but steady work and we are starting to see fruits 🙂
As for new years, we had to be home at 6! How nuts is that! That’s like no work at all for the day! It was the worst! But, we did have some fun. So we live in this apartment complex and the sisters live in the one next to us and we share a garage. So we all bought pizza and drinks, set ups chairs and tables in the garage and had a new years party. That party went so fast! We ate food, played games, shared pictures and just had an all around good time.
It’s been a good week. And I do have a challenge for every single one of you 🙂 So buckle up! Your ready? Never miss a day this week of reading the Book of Mormon. Don’t miss a single day. 🙂
Love you all, thank you for your support 🙂

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