So to answer your questions my toe is… healing 😉 I’m really good at stubbing my already broken toe. Haha! Also, my companion says that I work too hard haha! There have been many times when he has said “As official representative of your toe, we are taking a break! Sit down!” or “As official representative of your toe you are laying there for a half an hour more tell the medicine kicks in.” he is a great guy and is good at keeping me in check haha!

This week has been a great week for the work. So when we first got here there was this guy named Jole, and we have failed to be able to meet with him for the first 4 weeks. Until this week! Jole is going to be getting married to a member soon and we have been teaching him every single day! He is preparing to be baptized on the 20th 🙂 At first he was a little worried about being baptized that quickly. But since he has been reading the book of Mormon with his soon to be wife he is down to get baptized 🙂 The Book of Mormon is so powerful!
Then we have another investigator named Dennis. AND HE HAS THE SAME STORY! He is going to be getting married to a girl in our ward here this month! His family was all members but he was never baptized. But now he wants to find God again and get married! We are meeting with him in a few hours here in the chapel!
As a side note, I bought a Rubix Cube and can now solve one in 2 min and 10 seconds. It’s far from the world record, but not bad haha 😛
As my commitment for all ya’ll this week (as Nate would say) Do an act of service! Whether it be doing the dishes, scraping a driveway. Whatever, just do something for someone and feel the spirit 🙂
Love you all!

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