Hey everyone

Breck was baptized.  Woohoo.  He was baptized Saturday and confirmed Sunday by a friend of his that flew all the way from California. ( San Francisco). It was awesome.  After his confirmation we were able to have dinner with him and he shared a rockin testimony.   It was so cool to see how happy he was.  He has seen a change in his life. This gospel rocks!

Unfortunately the Littrells car broke down last Sunday so they weren’t able to make it so we had to post pone they will be baptized this Saturday.  They are still the most amazing investigators  they have seen a lot of junk but they are doing really well.  It is amazing to see their strength.

Angel has told us officially that she is ready for baptism as well. Bill is still a little hesitant but even he is admitting seeing the change in Angel.  The gospel is working on them.  Angels is a cool story.  Her grandpa and mom were members  but she never had much exposure to the church.  They were devout baptists that did a lot for the community especially troubled kids they would help get to church. She started reading the Book of Mormon and she thought it was interesting.  But hen she got the old copy of the. Book of Mormon her grandfather used to use.  With all his notes.  She said she  felt the spirit wash over her.  She told us she doesn’t need to pray anymore she knows.

Those three are still our three biggest we’re working with.  I will get y’all picture next week my ward mission leader needs to get them to me.

Other than that.  Not much service. No crazy religions.  But a ton of miracles. It’s been an awesome week.  Love yall

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