Another awesome week.  This Saturday Nicole and Kaley Littrell were baptized.  It was an amazing baptismal service. Everyone came out. These have to be the most prepared people I have ever met in my life. It has just been miracle after miracle with them.  Even the ward says that they are not like other converts.   They are both so excited and ready to go and bro Littrell is excited as well.  They are all coming and are seeing huge changes in their lives.

Breck is doing really well.  He is getting more and more excited about the church as he continues.  He is going to be a super strong member.

This is such an amazing ward to work in.  It has been nothing but miracles.  There are such great people here.  I am never going to forget greenville.  This transfer is drawing to a close so we will see what happens.  More than likely I will have to leave.  I really don’t want to but if the lord needs me somewhere else that’s where i will go.

As for other things that happened.  Angel and bill are getting closer and closer.  We are still working with bill but he sees the changes that are happening.  They will be seriously solid members.  They are powerhouses.  Angel talks about wanting to be baptized each time we go over.

We have now found a new man named josh.  He is a members friend.  We have taught him a couple times. He used to be a youth pastor but something went wrong at the church he was at and is on a search for truth.  I have a lot of hope for him.

As for everything else some more little building projects for some members and other fun stuff.  It has been an awesome week

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