Hello my amazing family and friends! So this week was a great one for the work of the lord here in Camino Gardens. Our amazing investigator Dennis was baptized and confirmed. I was honored to be the one to baptize him, and my companion confirmed him a member of the church. He and his future family will be a huge help to this small branch of Spanish speakers.

He is getting married on Saturday to a member too! They are going to be a great eternal family one day.
The rest of this week has been a spiritual wrestling match between my desires and Gods, and him wanting to preserve me. I wont go into all the details now. But basically there are some side-effects from the heart surgery that I had a few weeks ago that are causing me to have to return home. But the good news is this. It’s God’s will. I have prayed for hours to make sure that this is the right decision for me. And I have had it confirmed to me many times, through different channels that yes, God needs me back in Utah. There has been prayer, scriptures, inspired words from family, friends, companions, and the mission president, and most importantly answers directly from the spirit that have confirmed to me that my mission is complete, and that this mission was one unique in nature for me.
I am sad to leave the mission. I love it out here. I love being able to carry the message of the restored Gospel to all of those who are in need of it. But God has called me home, and his will I will obey.
I leave you with my testimony. First and most importantly. I know that Christ lives. I know this. I know that because of his atonement we can all be made clean of our sins if we accept and act on his sacrifice. And I know that we can only change IF we act. I know that he loves us, and that he is there to help us. I know that God is his father and that he is also there for us. I know that by following Christ’s example and his Gospel we can become happier, and be protected from the darkness that is all over the world.
I know, that this Gospel has been restored to the earth by Jesus Christ himself. I know that he stands at the head of the this Church. I know that he speaks to us through his Prophets and Apostles in this day just like he always has. For God does not change, and neither does He. I know that even though those men are human, and they make mistakes, that they are called of God. I know that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ, and that the authority to preform the sacred ordinances, such as baptism, has been restored to the only perfect Church of God on this earth. It bears his name, it holds his authority, and we may not be perfect, but the Gospel of it is, and that Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If any of you ever struggle, or need someone to lean on. If your testimony is weak, or you have questions. I will be here to help and support you. My testimony will never fall. I know these things to be true, and I can not deny them.
I know that the family is eternal, and that we can find the most joy, and come closest to Christ only by learning of the pure truth that comes from the Restored Gospel. I know that the Book of Mormon was written by ancient Prophets and was brought into the light in our day and age to help us. To guide us. And to allow us to know where we must turn for answers. There are so many churches, and so many people using the same bible, but interpreting it in different ways. And that is Chaos. God is not a God of Chaos. He wants us all to be united, in faith, in doctrine, and in understanding. He has one way, and I know that that way is through his restored Gospel.
I love you all and I end my testimony, and my mission to Florida, in the name of Jesus Christ.
God calls, and I must obey.

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