Surgery Finished

He’s still in the operating room, but the surgery is complete.  The doctor met with us and showed us the recording of the procedure.  Apparently, the surgery went flawlessly.  His artery actually had two locations with significant narrowing.  They added a stint to open both narrowed areas prior to inserting the new valve.  After the valve was in place they measured the pressure.  The pressures looked great, and there doesn’t appear to be any leakage from the new valve.  Right now they are preparing him for the ICU.  We should see him in the ICU in about 15 more minutes.  This photo was taken as he was entering the operating room.

One Response to “Surgery Finished

  • Alana Yeoman
    11 years ago

    What Great news! I am so relieved that the surgery is over and all went well! We will continue to pray that Spencer has a speedy recovery! Please give him a hug for us. We Love You All!