Going Home!

The surgery/procedure Spencer underwent is still “experimental.”  He was the 17th patient at Primary Children’s Medical Center to have the Melody valve implanted.  This is an amazing new technology.  Spencer’s last heart valve replacement, just two years ago, required a week stay in the hospital–and that was three or four days shorter than expected.  This morning, just a day after entering the hospital, the doctor told us that he could go home as soon as a final test, an EKG, is completed.  We should be on our way by noon.  I think our awesome nurse, Heather, might be ready to have us go too!

Thank you to all of you for your prayers, good thoughts, and supportive comments.  We are blessed to have such overwhelming support from friends and family.  And, we feel especially blessed to bring Spencer home, doing so well, so quickly.

3 Responses to “Going Home!

  • Alana Yeoman
    10 years ago

    Wow!! This just made my day!! I am so excited that Spencer has done so well and is already going home! What a blessing! Love to you ALL!!

  • Jacqui
    10 years ago

    Congratulations Spencer!

  • Gail & Brian
    10 years ago

    That great smile! We are so happy.