Rick’s Salsa Verde – the Real Deal

Rick’s Salsa Verde – the Real Deal

Taquitos are high on the list of Huggins Family most loved foods. And, our favorites come from the little stand on Olvera Street in downtown Los Angeles, Cielito Lindo, where taquitos were invented in the mid 1930s. Every trip home to Southern California includes a trek downtown for Combination #1: 3 Taquitos, Beans and Cheese. The taquitos are smothered in “guacamole”. Cielito Lindo’s version of guacamole is a delicious green salsa that you can’t help but dream about. This recipe is the closest I’ve come to replicating its flavor.

1 can (28 oz) tomatillos
1 bottle (40 oz) roasted green chiles, mild
1 tbsp garlic, minced
1-2 avocados (optional)
½ onion, chopped
1 bunch cilantro
2 tsp salt

Combine all ingredients and blend with emersion blender.  Serve with tacos, taquitos, or chips; or to make chile verde.

After working for some time to recreate Cielito Lindo’s, I learned from Pam that Cielito Lindo published a home version of their guacamole.  The recipe is below, with some minor alterations.

8 fresh chiles gueritos (yellow chiles), seeded and deveined
5 cloves garlic, chopped
15 medium tomatillos, peeled and halved
2 1/2 cups cilantro, chopped
6 cups water
2 medium avocados
4 tsp salt

In a large pan, combine chiles, garlic, tomatillos, cilantro, and water; bring to boil.  Lower heat to medium and cook for 5 minutes. Remove mixture from water and place in blender; reserve water.  Add avocado and salt to blender.  Blend, adding water in small installments and blend until smooth.  Place in refrigerator overnight to allow flavors to meld.  Adjust salt, if necessary.

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